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Original M-T-G

Original M-T-G


An effective, time-proven remedy for dermatitis problems. Highly recommended by veterinarians for a variety of skin conditions, Original M-T-G is a single-source solution for fungus, rain rot, scratches, mud fever, greasy heel, girth itch, dandruff, itchy skin and tail rubbing. An oil-based product that balances a drying and healing action with moisturizers, keeps the skin conditioned, creating a barrier against the elements. Offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days and is ideal for use on skin where winter blankets have rubbed hair off. Does not require washing or water for application, making it ideal for cold weather use.

Also excellent as a leave-in conditioner/detangler for promoting mane and tail growth. Use on damaged, chewed-off tails for rapid hair growth, and on long tails to enhance fullness, condition and retain length. With just one application it will detangle, condition and dissolve dandruff, soothing irritated skin. As a mane and tail lengthener, the combination of ingredients in provides the optimal environment for maximum growth. Ingredients: petroleum, sulfur, zinc, glycerin, cade oil.

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