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The Widdes Family Story & Heritage

In 1910 Morris (MJ) Widdes started MJ Widdes & Son's with his sons Getchell and Ted. They started out buying and selling livestock in the northeastern part of Minnesota, based out of a large farm in Wrenshall. In 1932, Getchell Widdes started MJ Widdes Inc., with a small store front down in West Duluth on the corner of 48th Street and Grand Ave. This is where they got into the business of selling feed for any animal you could think of. With the rapidly growing agriculture industry in the area, they quickly grew out of this tiny store. They sold the farm in Wrenshall in 1956, and purchased property in Esko where the current store and mill still resides. In 1958, a small store was built to provide feed to the ever-growing farm community in the area. For 14 years they continued to provide feed to the community. In 1972, the company grew to the point where they needed to build an addition on to the building. They also decided to install a state of the art Mill. The company continued to be passed down through generations of the Widdes family with Getchell’s son, Jay, taking over in 1981. Jay had worked there for most of his life already, and he continued to successfully grow and run the business. In 2016, Jay’s son, Josh, took over. To this day, Josh and his crew continue to make and sell feed and supplies for all the animals you can think of. Also, if you happen to come in during the summer or a school break you might even see Josh’s kids helping out!

Since 1932, MJ Widdes Inc. has welcomed members of the community into its store as friends, not merely customers. Widdes Feed & Farm Supply began as the place to conduct business in the agriculture-based economy of the area. As the farming economy has changed over the years, Widdes Feed & Farm Supply has changed to meet the needs of the area and its customers. The remaining local farmers still depend on us for agriculture chemicals, seed, grain sales, and supplies. We also offer a broad range of products for busy homeowners and hobby farm enthusiasts. Whether you need pet food, horse feed, chicken feed, lawn seed, fertilizer and the list goes on; we have it! We pride ourselves on having a friendly knowledgeable staff that can answer almost any question you might have, and just like in 1932 our staff will load your vehicle with your purchase so you don't have to. As always, we thank you for supporting a locally owned business and we look forward to growing with you as a community in the years to come!

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