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MVP Gastro-Plex Pellets 6#

MVP Gastro-Plex Pellets 6#


GASTRO-PLEX™ is recommended to help support healthy digestive function. Key ingredients (antioxidants, probiotics and herbals), help support healthy stomach tissue/soft tissue plus Levucell® SC, a powerful yeast that helps reduce the risk of colic/digestive disorders by supporting the hindgut:    

  • Offsets negative impact of high starch diets
  • Positive effect on fiber digestion
  • Stabilizes digestive flora during periods of stress for overall health and performance

 *Levucell® SC is clinically researched and a registered trademark of Lallemand Specialties, Inc. (France)


  Basic management to prevent G.I. discomfort: 

  •    Free choice hay 24/7
  •    Plenty of water
  •    Feeding 1 oz of salt twice daily
  •    Avoid high intake of starchy concentrated grains
  •    Restore microbial balance with a quality probiotic/prebiotic 
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