Zesterra Equine Special

Zesterra Equine Special


Equine Special with Zesterra­­­® is a convenient way to make sure your horse is getting everything it needs to thrive. A special blend of high-quality, bio-available vitamins and minerals has been formulated for horses of all ages. This loose mineral is a great addition to your daily feeding regimen and ensures your horse is getting the added benefits of Zesterra® daily.

Even the best hay and forage can have “holes” in its nutrient content. Supplementing your horse daily with a balanced, carefully formulated vitamin and mineral blend can help fill in those deficiencies and give your horse everything they need to thrive. The addition of Zesterra® makes this mineral unique, in that it supports gut health and delivers acid-neutralizing properties — one of the keys in preventing gastric ulcers from developing.


Feeding Recommendations

• Feed 3 oz per day for an average-sized adult horse; can be top-dressed over grain or other feeds (30-day supply only; please see feeding instructions on bag for 50# bags).
• Make sure horses always have access to clean water and salt.


This product was made in a feed manufacturing facility that does not handle or store products containing animal proteins prohibited in ruminant feed.


Caution: Due to high Copper content, do not feed to sheep or other unapproved livestock.