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Senior Glo 50#

Senior Glo 50#


A Premium Blend feed for youthful bloom and condition in senior and adult horses

  • Since senior horses may be less efficient at absorbing or utilizing certain nutrients, SENIORGLO is formulated with specially selected and combined ingredients to meet nutritional challenges faced by many senior horses
  • Concentrated formula allows streamlined feeding – forage-to-concentrate ratio can be adjusted to fit you horse’s needs
  • 14% protein, 8% fat and no more than 20% crude fiber
  • Formulated free of starch from whole corn grain
  • Also excellent for growing horses and broodmares
  • P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Driven TechnologySM, a combination of unique components chosen specifically for their beneficial impact on horse performance and health.
  • Energy supplied from stabilized rice bran, vegetable oil and highly digestible fiber sources (no corn grain in formula)
    • Does not contribute to metabolic and digestive disorders, “grain high” disposition and thermal load
    • Adds body condition and contributes to hair coat shine and “bloom”
  • Contains GROSTRONG® Vitamins-Minerals
  • Zinpro®* 4-Plex®* complexed zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt have higher bioavailabilities and may impart benefits for immunity, skeletal growth and hoof integrity
  • 0.3-1 lb per 100 lb of body weight daily feeding rate
  • Soft, easy-to-chew pellet; 50-lb bag
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