Nutri Life Grain Free Chicken Formula Dog Food 30#

Nutri Life Grain Free Chicken Formula Dog Food 30#


Chicken, peas, potatoes, carrots, apples, and cranberries. Sounds like a great dinner. But this meal isn’t for you, this one is for your best friend. Nutri Life Grain Free Chicken Formula Holistic Dog Food is designed with ingredients as appealing to humans as they are to dogs. Holistic dog food providing balanced nutrition for your dog’s life and an ingredient declaration you can easily understand.

Nutri Life Chicken Dog Food carefully balances fresh meat with vegetables and fruits, like spinach and blueberries, for a balanced diet. Then they add mineral and vitamins, making sure your dog gets everything it needs. The blend is topped off with prebiotics, probiotics, and yucca for digestive health. Salmon oil and coconut oil are added to help keep the skin and coat healthy. And chicken fat, a natural source of glucosamine, is included to keep joints moving as they should.

Made in the USA, Nutri Life made sure to use the finest ingredients for Nutri Life Chicken Dog Food. They use only locally sourced ingredients. Nothing from China. This means less worry for you and less potential harm for your dog. They also don’t allow added hormones or medication. No corn, wheat, grains, egg, or milk makes this blend easy for most dogs with allergies. Safe, easy food produced right here in the USA.

With 24% crude protein and 14% crude fat, Nutri Life Chicken Dog Food is perfect for your dog’s whole life. No need to switch between a puppy food, adult food, and senior food. Nutri Life Chicken Dog Food can handle it all. But you can switch between all the flavors. This will help keep your dog interested and can help with digestive health as well. Nutri Life made its dog food to be easily interchangeable, without having to worry about causing upset stomachs.

Try Nutri Life Grain Free Chicken Formula Holistic Dog Food. Holistic food for your dog’s whole life made with ingredients you can trust. Your dog will be healthy and, with the frequent buyer program from Nutri Life, your checkbook will be happy too. Why not serve this food to your dog every day?