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Hubbard Senior Pellets 50#

Hubbard Senior Pellets 50#


Hubbard® Life Senior is a 13% protein feed that is formulated for the older or inactive horse that may have teeth or other health issues that prevents them from consuming adequate amounts of feed.  Added yeast improves digestibility and nutrient uptake. Highly digestible soluble fiber sources compensate for the reduce feed digestion in aging and stressed horses.



  • Formulated to meet the nutrient needs of older horses that typically experience decreased digestive ability and reduced metabolic efficiency.
  • Highly digestible fiber sources, such as beet pulp and soy hulls, help maintain a healthy digestive function.
  • The addition of yeast culture increases digestibility of the total ration and promotes optimal fiber utilization.
  • Yeast culture also increases absorption and utilization of minerals.
  • High levels of Vitamin E, necessary to maintain a healthy immune system.
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