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Hubbard Cool Command 50#

Hubbard Cool Command 50#


Horse feeds with lower amounts of carbohydrates  are suggested for horses with certain metabolic concerns.  Hubbard® Life Cool Command® contains the optimal level of protein, mineral and vitamin fortification to meet the specific nutrient demands of your horse without excessive carbohydrates.   Energy levels are still maintained in the product by use of plant oils.


Hubbard Life Cool Command Horse Feed is a pelleted 13% crude protein horse feed with 7% total fat formulated to be fed with forage (hay/pasture), to a variety of horses where lower levels of carbohydrates are recommended.  The high level of fat will supply a metabolically “cool” energy. The optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and proteins will help keep the horse in correct body condition.

Pellet Form
Minimizes sorting and delivers the same nutrition in every pellet.

Part of a Coordinated Product Line
Offering a program of horse products helps to support the nutrient demands of different life stages and activity levels.  It also prevents the need to change brands of feed and the off-feed problems that sometimes result.

Contains Lower Levels of Carbohydrates
High fiber ingredients like alfalfa, soy hulls and beet pulp make up the bulk of Cool Command.  Quality ingredients help to ensure a blend of highly digestible nutrients to the horse.   Cool Command is a corn free formula.

Benefits from Ingredients

Contains Chelated Trace Minerals
The addition of organic minerals is believed to be beneficial because of the increased uptake of the minerals across the gut wall.  Increased levels of the minerals zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt can help in many biological functions including the immune and reproductive systems.

Contains High Levels of Vitamin E
Research indicates that vitamin E helps to support improved immune function under stress and improve breeding soundness.  B-complex vitamins are also added to help during times of stress. 

Contains Yeast
The addition of yeast cultures helps increase digestibility of forages and the absorption of nutrients.

Vegetable Oil
Added vegetable oil helps meet energy requirements without overfeeding grain, and improves hair coat condition.

Minerals and Vitamins
Hubbard Life Horse Feeds are fortified with the proper levels of minerals and vitamins for optimal growth and development of the skeleton, muscle structure and overall health of your horse. Minerals and vitamins used in Hubbard Life Horse Feeds are selected for their high biological availability.

Organic Selenium
Organic selenium and optimal levels of vitamin E are added for cell protection in horses that are under the stress of showing, racing, lactating, growing or even low activity animals.

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