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Homestead Layer Crumbles  50#

Homestead Layer Crumbles 50#


Homestead® Layer is a nutrient dense, carefully balanced diet for laying hens. Homestead Layer contains no antibiotics or animal proteins.


Homestead Poultry feeds are made with only natural grains and proteins. These grains are balanced with vitamins and minerals to encourage optimum growth and performance. Formulated without any antibiotics, animal proteins and fats, Homestead Poultry feeds are the wholesome way to provide excellent nutrition to your flock.


Formulated to Promote Health and Immunity

Homestead Layer contains organic selenium, which provides support to the bird’s immunity and health systems.


Designed to Promote Egg Shell Quality and Yolk Color 

Homestead Layer Ration contains all the ingredients hens need to produce strong shelled, healthy eggs and maintain a healthy skeleton. Specially formulated ingredients in Homestead Layer help produce rich yellow egg yolks.

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