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Cross-Lock Game Fence 12.5ga  96" x 330'

Cross-Lock Game Fence 12.5ga 96" x 330'


Provides maximum protection for your exotic animal investments. High carbon, steel wire construction bounces back and retains its shape. Weighing one-third less, Cross Lock Game Fence offers the same linear strength as old fashioned fencing.

The Cross Lock Knot design leaves no sharp edges, reducing the possibility of infection and disease resulting from cuts and abrasions. In addition, when tensioning the fence, the Cross Lock design allows for correct tension to be achieved visually. The horizontal line wires are designed with a curve between each vertical stay wire. When the correct tension is attained, this curve reduces in shape by about half.



  • Fence Height: 96 in
  • Filler Wire: 12 1/2 gauge
  • Top/Bottom Wire: 12 1/2 gauge
  • No. of Wires: 20
  • Roll Length: 330ft
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