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Cherry Stone Grit #3

Cherry Stone Grit #3


Cherry Stone Poultry Grit is a clean, hard, angular grit to aid in digestion for poultry. Made of 100% crushed quartzite, this grit is even harder and sharper than granite, which enables the gizzard to work faster and more efficiently. Cherry Stone Grit is often used for hobby crafts, aquariums, flower pot drainage, grill liners, paver joint fill, aeration and other decorative purposes.


  • Fine, sharp, crushed rock used for various purposes
  • 100% natural quartzite
  • #2 size - 3/16 in average size
  • Used to aid in the proper digestion process of poultry
  • Acts as grinder in a bird's stomach
  • Non-staining and non-polluting
  • Also used to provide immediate traction on icy walks, steps and driveways
  • Will not dissolve or become muddy like limestone grits
  • Environmentally safe
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