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Alfahay comes in a 50 pound bag and is the closest thing to fresh cut alfalfa.  Alfahay is a NON-GMO alfalfa.  Alfahay is for horses, cattle, pigs, deer, goats, sheep, birds, and exotics.   Unlike other feeds that are dried, Alfahay is cut and packed with its natural moisture.  This locks in all the fresh nutrition of the plant.  Alfahay then undergoes a fermentation process after being bagged to produce beneficial yeasts and bacteria.  That's why we call it "Probiotic Alfalfa In A Bag"


As Fed VS Dry Form

"As fed" is when the feed has its original moisture. "Dry form" is when all the moisture is taken out of the feed. This is done to be able to compare different feeds since all feeds have some moisture level. Alfahay's moisture is essential for better absorption of nutrients and digestibility. Some feed labels can be misleading because the animal may not be able to absorb all the nutrients in the feed.

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